12 January 2012

New Year, New Finds?

Well, hello 2012.  Let's hope you're good to everyone.  And for genealogical finds.

So far I've found a couple of good names whilst looking at a friend's family; in 18th century Ely I found a Miss Kerching in the marriage registers - there's a joke in there about "ringing a bell" but I won't do it!  19th century Norfolk gave forth the wonderful name of Ualah, who liked it so much that she gave it to her daughter as well.  And, finally, Philomon.  Spelling-wise it's a Greek name but, on the basis that his 17th century parents are unlikely to have nipped over to Rhodes for a holiday, it's a fair bet that the vicar (who, after all, was the one who wrote it in the register) meant it to be Philemon, to whom St Paul wrote an epistle.  Yep, I can Google with the best of them!

I'm coming to understand my new laptop but there are some elements of Office 2010 which continue to get up my nose.  However, on the positive side, I have downloaded the newest version of The Master Genealogist, otherwise known as TMG, and it's got some useful improvements from last time.  Particularly the ability to add multiple children at the same time or, alternatively, to add a complete new family at once.  Much better! 

Anyhoo, dear reader, I plan to be better at this blogging lark this year.....

More soon.