1 July 2012

Helping people.....

Sometimes, just sometimes, one's ancestors really help in the search for them, by leaving the odd (sometimes inadvertent) clue.....

I'm sure we've all got rellies whose middle name is their mother's maiden name - after years at this family history lark, I'm beginning to think that particular practice should be made mandatory; but today's subject, one Arthur Hinks, really knew how to leave a clue.

Arthur was born in Boothorpe, in Leicestershire (or Derbyshire, depending on who's writing it down) and is a distant relative of my friend Ann.  He was the seventh of nine children and the family moved to Huthwaite, in Nottinghamshire (I'm sure of this one!) soon after his birth in 1882.  I've had to work backwards, in the true genealogist way, to find much about him.

In the 1911 census, he's married to Florence, and living with her, and their son Wilfred, in Sutton in Ashfield.  He filled in the form and states, as required, that he and Flo have been married for four years.  Bless him, he also writes his wife's maiden name (Cotton) on the form and then crosses it out, presumably after realising that it wasn't asked for.

With such a lovely clue it wasn't hard to find out that Arthur Hinks and Flora (in the registration) Cotton were married in 1906.  Cheers, Arthur!

And how well did he do? Well, Arthur Hinks lived to the grand age of 101 years, dying in January 1984.  Impressive stuff; see what happens when you help people.....!

More soon.