21 February 2013

Lost and Found?

Ancestry seem to have misplaced their census references so I'll leave them alone for a few minutes to sort it out....

In the meantime, I'll tell you about two emails I received recently which have caused me to rethink some of my data.  Sylvia asked about James Blaydon, b 1827, and she suggested an alternative husband for him.  I disagree but I can see the potential problem: there were two James Blaydons born in that part of Suffolk within a couple of years of each other.  The younger, I think, married Hannah and "mine" married Anna Maria.  I can see, though, that I've mixed them up myself so, if you are currently looking at Blaydons on my website, please double-check.

And then there was Lynn who also threw a spanner in the works.  Another James, this time Mr Ongley, who may have been mixed up; it's a question of who was born in Reigate and who was born in Horley.  And if "my" James didn't marry Sarah, but rather hitched up with Mildred, then I've got the whole family wrong.  Plus, just to add to the confusion, he appears to be married to Amelia in the census; I'm thinking that this could be explained by abbreviating Mildred to Millie and then taking a leap to the census enumerator either mis-hearing or assuming that Amelia is the full-form of Millie.

Whatever the solutions, I love it when people take the trouble to email.  I'm by no means certain that I'm right all the time so I'm pleased to be pointed at corrections in this way!

More soon.