4 November 2013

Where there's a Will......?

....... there will, inevitably, be an entry in the Probate Index (but not always).  And also where there's an Administration.......

Thus it was that I came upon a puzzle.  When George Bentley died in 1907 he didn't leave a Will so his wife applied for an Administration and probate was duly approved, leave a decent sum.  Then I found another probate entry in August 1930, same person.  Applied for, this time, by George junior; this time also a decent sum but a few pounds less that the 1907 version.

Much confusion at Rambling Genes Towers.

A bit more poking about and I discovered that Mrs George, the aforementioned wife, died in 1930 and junior applied, in April, for an Administration of her estate, the total being a few pounds less than her husband left in 1907.  The plot thickened when this probate was resworn and the effects were reduced to a paltry £10.

After much thought, and consulting my accountant friends, I think this was probably to do with his property/estate being left to her, for her lifetime, and then to junior.  But how would this be conveyed without a Will being left - Administrations all round, remember?

I still don't quite understand......

More soon.