29 April 2015


Despite my resolution to post more to the blog I've been even worse so far this year. I think this is because I've been trying to go back to the beginning.....

The beginning of my research,that is, the twenty-or-so years  ago when I started looking for great-uncle Ben Langford.  Yes, there is so much more data online now but I've also noticed a serious lack of references in my data and, indeed, a few mistakes so I'm trying to check it out. 

And I'm thinking about changing the software I use: TMG has been great but the company has now retired it and there are no more updates or support. So what shall I use instead?  And how will I keep my website going as it uses a companion product?

TNG, The Next Generation looks good and sorts out the website problem at the same time. But I had problems when I first tried to set it up on my website server and does it only run there or on the computer?  I've confused myself!!

It's good to move forward with this sort of thing but it may be a while until I unscramble my brain cell in this!

More soon.