25 September 2013

Mind the Gap (again).....

I've just realised how long it is since I last wrote something on here......  Sorry for the lapse but a lot of the stuff I've been working on has involved real, live people and, obviously, I'm not going to blog about that!

One collection of live people, however, did all meet up a couple of weeks ago.  My cousins in Oz are in the UK at present and suggested that we all get together...... so I helped to arrange a gathering in Ely.  And how much fun was that!!

About twenty-five of us had an afternoon together and I met people who had previously only been names in the tree!  Plenty of photos and a lot of laughing.  I had no recollection of meeting Jean, one of the Oz branch, but suggested to her that maybe I was a child when we last set eyes on each other.  It transpires that we met when I was 18...... I've nearly got over the embarrassment!

I've also made significant progress on a brickwall involving living people - and I actually finally managed to make contact and speak to the (previously) missing family.  Much chuffed with that and arranging to meet later in the year.  Definite "result"!

More soon.