11 April 2019

While I’m waiting for an appointment for which I am horrendously early (I forgot that there’s far less traffic during school holidays) ......

When I transferred my data into my current website (uses TNG - try it, it’s brilliant) I became aware that my method of recording census information wasn’t going to work so I have been slowly working through all 17k people to change it. It may take a while longer yet but even I weary of going to the ‘Places’ page and seeing the most popular please listed as ‘age 1, scholar’!

So if you should find yourself on www.culpinconnection.co uk, please ignore the rather random places you may find.... ;-)

More soon.

4 April 2019

Mind the gap again.....

Is it too late to do the "Happy New Year" thing? 

I seem to have been absent a while.  But, hey, let's carry on with some random ramblings while I wait to see why "Tow away" signs and "No Parking" cones have been liberally scattered around the close.

I'm back to checking what I've done before and still find the odd mistake.  Thanks to the GRO online index of births including the mother's maiden name I have been able to find a few missing children: I like to match up the number of offspring with the info given on the 1911 census.

Yesterday's discovery included two new "Staden descendants" children and my favourite 1911 occuupation of the year so far:- "cinema ice cream salesman".  How good is that?  And, even better, it was a man.