30 June 2013

Double trouble

So it's Sunday and the washing's on - yes, I'm hoping for that rare thing in this British summer....a day without rain!

And in the meantime I've been going back over some old research which I did for friends a few years ago.  Many more records have come online since I last looked at this family and there should be some rich pickings ahead....hopefully.

As is my wont I went off down a random branch - much liking the idea of "flying a Kite".  Because that was their name (a small joke, sorry) and I also liked the name Gabriel.  And because the action here takes place in Dorset I was imagining a "French Lieutenant's Woman" type scenario.

And I found father and son named Gabriel; Gabriel senior served in the Dorsetshire Regiment in the Great War and died in 1915 at the age of 43.  His son died 30 years later, serving with the Royal Artillery during the Second World War.  

I know it probably happened to a lot of families but it's a first for me so I'm feeling a bit more sober now.

More soon.

19 June 2013

It's time to re-unite......

So, exciting news - if you happen to be a descendant of Isaac Langford & Emma Quince.  We're having a Reunion (with a capital R, no less) in September.

I won't bore you with the details lest the paparazzi find us, but please get in touch if you're related to:

  • Lilian Brittle, nee Langford, born 1883 in Stretham, married William in Nottingham in 1905 
  • Ellen Webster, nee Langford, born 1878 in Stretham, married Ernest in Nottingham in 1900
  • Freeman Langford, born 1887 in Chatteris, married Dora in Tameside in 1920

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

More soon.