10 April 2013

Unseen and unknown .....

Thanks to Andrew Martin's blog (http://historyrepeating.org.uk/) I remembered to go to St Ives on Monday to see the "Unseen St Ives" exhibition at the Norris Museum.  And very good it was too; I like the museum and it's always good to have a poke around but the addition of these photos made it even better.

Alas there were no Culpin relatives on show but I was entertained to read the following:

The old police station on Priory Road, c1940
Sandbags are piled up against the front of the police station during wartime.  The police station was built in 1845 and remained in use until 1973 when a new police station was built in Pig Lane.  This was felt to be an "unsuitable address" for the police station so that part of the street was renamed Broad Leas.

I'm still giggling about it.

In the meantime I am also puzzling about a branch of my Webb ancestry: their 1911 census entry indicates four children of the marriage, one alive, three having died.  So very clear.  Except that I have seven-two-five respectively.  Unfortunately there are plenty of people with the same name in that area so my chances of sorting them out online are somewhat slim - I suspect I'll need to see the  parish registers to have any chance of clearing it up!  Hey ho.....

More soon.