29 December 2009

Just the one . . .

So, here we are, it's next week. And I've only got the one anniversary: my great-great-great-aunt, Sarah Ann Whatford Culpin, daughter of Charles Culpin and his second wife Sarah Whatford, she was born today in 1850 in St Ives.

At the time the family was living in Cromwell Place in the small market town but by 1871, after the death of her father, Sarah and her mother had moved to Priory Road. Both were listed as annuitants.

And then she goes to London. Why? No idea, but she plainly found something to interest her as she married Christopher Stuart Toll in Islington on 24th June 1875. Mr Toll was a Stevenage boy and they seemed to return to the Hertfordshire town as Sarah sadly died there, at the age of just 26, in 1877. There were no children of the marriage.

Persistent as I am, I have found Chris Toll in 1901; still in Stevenage, he was listed as a Relieving Officer. Any clues??

More soon.


Anonymous said...

Just come across your post while going through my huge backlog of emails in the course of looking for something else. Chris Toll was a relative of mine and was a leading light in Stevenage Fire Brigade and well as being on the Council. I'll try and dig out some of the notes I made from relatives now deceased in the past 30 years which recall him.

Best wishes,

Hugh Madgin (whose great great grandmother was Elizabeth Toll born 1858 (I think, from memory), married 1874 and died 1944)

Genpen said...

Hugh, in haste - lovely to hear from you and thanks for taking the trouble. It would be good to hear more about Chris Toll - I don't like to leave people "hanging" (so to speak). BW.