27 November 2010

Had to share this one

It's a pretty brisk morning here with some of the white stuff on the ground - not much, but I checked and it's not frost.  

So, cup of tea in hand I sat down to find some more Culpins, as you do.  For that reason I was searching for  people with the surname of Cross (again, as you do) and I found the following entry in March qtr 1905 in Ely: 

Snowflake Emily Cross

Honest!  I'm not making it up.  Sadly, not related to us but what a wonderful name to find -  if not, perhaps, to have.  I followed it up and found that she married Mr Goodes in 1931 and died in 1981, all in Ely.

Can't think I'm going to beat that one today but who knows .....  maybe coffee will help?

More soon.

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