15 March 2011

I think I'd better stop .....

I've had a few enquiries recently from people who have found people on the website and, this evening, I thought I'd better do some research before responding to one of them.

The request was for any link/further info about George Day.  Now, I have three George Days on the site, all related to each other ..... well, all on the same branch of the tree.  And none of them has a great deal of info, hence the desire to beef up the detail before replying.

Perhaps the reason is that I simply can't find much .......?

And when I did find something on two people related to them - had to widen the net for any chance - I have promptly killed them off!

Faith Day, possible mother of one George Day: found her in the 1861 census and then she died two years later.  And Solomon Day, brother of another George Day: found him in Belgravia (as a servant) in 1871 and, blow me, he died two years later too.  Irritatingly, before I could find him with the wife he should have as he is down as married in the census.

What with that and a new pair of specs which are driving me nuts, I'm going to call it a night before I either kill more people off or throw the specs through the screen!

More soon.

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