25 April 2011

A third first!

So, the Easter Bunny has been - turned up on a bike, complaining that the Mis-Guided Busway has 'hills' in it - and very kindly deposited chocolate onto my lap. Nice!

And I've found another 'first' - a death at sea. Henry Sydney Culpin, aka Harry, was born in Godmanchester in 1877, the son of Harriet (and a father, obviously, but I'm blowed if I can find his name) and moved with the family to the Manchester area while he was still young. Mother (re)married circa 1900. Harry appeared with his grandparents in the 1881 census and was then conspicuous by his absence until I found him in the Probate Index.

But not in the Deaths Index. Curious, I thought, until I finally read the narrative of the Probate entry and found that he died at sea. That would explain it, I guess, but I need to do some research into where the details will be. Time to dig out my well-thumbed copy of Mark Herber's excellent reference 'Ancestral Trails' ..... he'll know!!

I also need to find him in the 1891 and 1901 censuses. I know he married in 1898 in Cheshire, to Georgina Lea, but I can't find her either. So they're hiding from me or I simply wasn't paying attention when I was sitting in the sun this morning with the computer ....

More soon.

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