8 May 2011

Directories ...

A while ago I was given a copy of the Kelly's Directory of Huntingdonshire for 1930 and I've finally got round to looking at it.  So far, I haven't got past the first few pages; there are some superb adverts.

For example, on page 7 we have: "Chas J Ell & Sons, Victoria Well Works"  - that'll be Mr Ell the Well.  On the same page Griffin Bros (the Wireless People) tell us that they have "Competent Workmen".

Arnold & Sons Ltd, "Artistic Shopfitters" who constructed and fixed the Oak Doors to the Main Entrance of the Guildhall, Northampton.

My favourite, though, is "Miss M Jeffs' Registry Office for Servants".  Not only does it answer my question about how one got a post in service, it also made me smile:
"Patronized by the Nobility, Clergy and Gentry"
"Families supplied with - Housekeepers, Cooks, Ladies' Maids, Parlourmaids, Housemaids, Kitchenmaids, Generals and Useful Helps Etc."
"Also all classes of Menservants"
"Stop-gaps supplied on shortest notice"
And, in the bottom right corner as an afterthought ....."Chauffeurs".

I shall look properly now to see if I can find any familiar names & I will share any more amusing snippets.

More soon.

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