18 April 2012

Where is he?

You know how sometimes your ancestors hide from you?  Well I'm still looking for quite a few but the one on my mind at the moment is William Layton.

He's my 3xGt grandfather and all I know for "certain" is that he, or someone with his name, married Hannah Lowton in Dry Drayton, Cambs, on 21 April 1823.  He probably died before 1851 because Hannah is listed as a widow in the census of that year; but he doesn't appear to be living with them 10 years earlier either, so who's to tell?

I know that there were a conclave of Laytons in Cherry Hinton at the time but I can't understand what a Cherry Hinton lad would be doing in Dry Drayton......

Anyway, just thought I'd put this problem out there.  Any clues/thoughts gratefully received!!

More soon.


Jackie Beasley said...

Hi There, William Layton is also my Third Great Grandfather and he did marry Hannah. I was born in Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia 1964. My name is Jacqueline Beasley.

Genpen said...

Hi Jackie, Ooooh, I didn't know there was an Australian branch of the Beasleys! Do email me and we'll make the link!