5 January 2013


Well, here we are in next year and, so far, it's looking ok; it's even stopped raining today!  I'd like to pretend to be a real historian and to summarise 2012 from my viewpoint......but I can barely remember what happened this morning so no hope at all for an entire year!

I do recall that I've had a number of people see my website and contact me - one or two to correct, the others simply to say hello.  One kind soul contacted me via ancestry the other day to tell me that they'd found a couple of Bullards in the USA; this person has no link with the Bullards, or me, but just went out of their way to forward the info to me - how kind is that!

My own research is currently focused on my Staden line, going right back to James Ongley, my gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather, and much fun am I having.  Some great names & mostly based in the Surrey area so far.

The other focus at the moment is my new obsession with CSI; my current favourite being CSI: New York.  I must, however, discontinue my habit of sitting down to watch, with supper on a tray.......it's not really the sort of programme to watch while you're eating!

Hope 2013 is good for you.

More soon.

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