7 February 2015

Out from under.....

I've just realised that I've been absent from here for far too long. As previously mentioned, I've been tidying up and trying to fill in missing references.....and getting sidetracked, of course!

My genealogy Christmas present to myself was another set of parish registers; well, ok, two sets. Whittlesey, in Cambridgeshire, has two parishes and thus two sets of registers!  A surprising number of people form different parts of my tree seem to have passed through the place so there is plenty of scope for useful finds. 

I've also discovered a line of the Bigley family which went to Canada in the late 19th century and settled in Ontario, whose online records are available on Ancestry. 

So, all this together with my usual end of year tidy-up has kept me away from here. But I hope to be back more regularly now. 

More soon. 

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