7 January 2016

That'll teach me......

Soooo, I have a new website (culpinconnection.co.uk) which uses The Next Generation software.  And very good it is too.  It also means that the majority of my genealogy data is in the cloud, at last.

However I'm trying to be too clever, I think.

Firstly I tried to import some people from one tree into another..... And totally forgot that the imported people might have the same ID number as those in the other database.  And what a complete mess that made.  So I had to delete the database and re-import an older version.

Said older version, however, doesn't seem to contain any entries for the 1881 census.

Which is a bit of a shame (I'm understating slightly).

So I have another choice:  be clever and attempt to import (from Gedcom) just the 1881 entries, or simply enter them by hand (all 1800 of them).  I think the latter, whilst time-consuming, might be the safer option....

More soon.

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