8 June 2016

It's only just.....

......occurred to me that I don't know where my great-grandfather was buried. 

George Staden died in 1920 at the TB hospital, Papworth. I know that from family stories and his death certificate. But I've never worked out where his grave is ....!  That's clearly this evening's task. 

More soon. 


Kevin said...

In case you didn't find it. - not sure where I got the information from. Might have been you.

Buried 11 October 1928 B799 Broadleas, St Ives age 46

Memorial Inscription:
"In loving memory of George Staden who died at Papworth Hall after a long and painful illness. Born September 30 1873, died October 21st 1920. "Home can stay this hand or say unto Him what doest thou". Fanny Staden died 16th December 1948 aged 69 years.

Jane Freeman said...

Ah. Of course he is. I suspect that clunking noise is my remaining brain cell hitting the floor and rolling away.

*Embarrassed*...... thanks. ��