28 October 2008

101 years old

No, not me; one of my distantly-related Culpins. Ethel May, born in 1899 in the Peterborough (hereinafter called Pebo) area, who died in 2000 (also in the Pebo area). Pretty impressive, and bound to have been reported in the newspapers.

Pebo is, of course, in Cambridgeshire now . . . . but I'll have to schedule a trip to their central library/local studies to have a look at the Evening Telegraph because Pebo is a unitary authority which is, I guess, a sort of independence from the county. A variation on "Passport to Pimlico", I suppose!

However, I might try and pick a day when the weather is better than today. (No, I'm not obsessed with the weather - I'm just British). Beautiful morning - cold and sunny; and then this afternoon . . . grey, cold, manky and full of "wintery precipitation". That's what the weathermen call it when they don't know whether it will fall as rain, sleet or snow. I think we got the middle one!

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