26 October 2008

Autumn Leaves & stuff

Just imagine how good the two new pictures to the left would have looked if there had been the "azure" sky I'd hoped for!

Still . . . more on the Culpins who came to the Ely area. William Culpin, who was born in Caistor circa 1824, married Mary Ann Binder in Whittlesey in 1846. By 1871 the family had moved across the Fens to Little Downham and they mostly stayed in the area until the early 20th century. Sightings have been mainly in Little Downham, Manea, Littleport and Ely.

Just to confuse me, tho', a couple of them were born in St Ives; this made me mix them up with what I think of as the "main" branch. These are my direct ancestors - Blanche and her siblings, the children of Millice Campbell Culpin and Naomi Fordham.

Not to sidetrack myself, though - I find it fascinating when I know the places these Culpins lived. New Barns Road, in Ely - been there many a time; not so familiar with Manea but I do go through there on the train to Peterborough - Dr Beeching didn't manage to close them down!! Little Downham? Go straight on past the old High School . . . . !

It's no good - got to go and check some of these out, I can see some question marks in my notes!

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