2 December 2008

Time rolls on

And it's December already. First two days of the Advent calendar are open (chocolate calendar - the friend who sent it wants me to be the size of a barrage balloon) and it almost snowed today.

So, like any sensible person, I'm indoors and I've been searching the records of Stretham (in Cambridgeshire) for Constables. No, not the police version.

These, unlike the uniformed version, are many and frequent the Parish Registers . . . . well, frequently.

The reason I bring them up, so to speak, is that I've just picked out one family from the baptisms; twelve children in 20 years, including three Elizabeths and two John Henrys. That should give a clue to what happened - I count nine deaths among these twelve children, all of them within their first year of life.

Makes you think.

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