27 November 2008

Check & check again . . .

OK, so I've done it again. My g-grandmother is Sarah; that was never in doubt. I'd got her name from the census and then, on getting my grandfather's birth certificate, I'd discovered her surname, as in "formerly xxxxx". So far, so good. That was about fifteen years ago.

Last week I was looking at the website of one of my second cousins (possibly once-removed, I'm not sure) and noticed that he had a different surname for said g-grandma. So, I looked again. Now, FreeBMD has come on apace since I first found g-granddad's marriage so I was able to match him up with his wife at this point. And her surname was Brown.

This struck me as an odd way to spell the surname I had, so I checked again on the cuz's site. Ah yes, there she is as Mrs Brown; so, she must have been a widow when she married g-grandpa.

It shows how you gain the experience (or perhaps cynicism) the longer you do this genealogy lark. Nowadays I'd look at her date of birth and the date she married great-grandpa . . . and wonder why she married him so relatively late in life (she was about 34 years old and that is late for the mid-1800s).

Still, I've got great-grandpa's marriage certificate now and. lo and behold, she's listed as a widow. On the positive side I don't have to re-jig her parents etc because I did at least get them right first time.

Unless you know better . . . . .

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