17 November 2008

More names. . .

In my "Stray Culpins" file is one of my favourite names amongst all those I've "collected" along the way.

Ethra Jenny Culpin was born in 1876 in Great Easton in Leicestershire, daughter of John & Fanny (nee Nicholls). The youngest of seven children, she appears with her parents in the 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses; in the first two, still in the village of her birth, and then, in 1901, in Easton Magna which, I assume, is not far away.

Ah, remember note to self: don't assume. So, I need to look up Easton Magna and Great Easton to assess their proximity to each other.

In 1909, Ethra Jenny (I like the name so much, I'm going to keep using the full moniker) married Walter Ashby Ward in Great Easton. And there, so far, the trail goes cold. I guess I'll have to wait for the 1911 census in order to make much more progress there.

So . . . Ethra Jenny . . . . is still lovely name.


Anonymous said...

Some of the 1911 census had already been put online. And there she is: Ethra Jenny: 35, living at LITTLEWORTH BELTON UPPINGHAM with husband (married 1 year), son John Godfrey 5 months old, mother Fanny Culpin and nephew Archibald Culpin, 9, born at Wallsall, Staffordshire.

Ethra was the greatx5 granddaughter to George Culpin & his wife Sarah Walkar. I collected as much of this tree as I could but haven't been able to link that tree to "our" Woodnewton/King's Cliffe lot yet. There is still so much to discover :-)


Genpen said...

Excellent find! Don't know whether having such an outstanding name is a blessing or a curse - people will always be able to find you!!