18 November 2009

Double trouble?

Today's offering starts with a double wedding. OK, so it's probably not terribly rare but there aren't many in my database.

Two of my g-g-g-g-aunts got married today in Elton, Hunts, in 1822. Not to each other, obviously; Mary Culpin, the elder sister, tied the knot with Thomas Mears, and Elizabeth, the younger by one year, married Robert Webb. Interestingly, Thomas was one of Elizabeth & Robert's witnesses (well, I thought it was interesting as there was no reciprocal witnessing).

If any reader wishes to mentally "place" the Culpin girls, they were the daughters of Richard & Mary (nee Hayes) and sisters to Charles who married Catherine Watts. You can probably tell by my waffling that I don't know a lot else about these two couples . . . . so I'll put them on THE list.

Come a few miles south with me now to the village of Old Warden in Bedfordshire and the wedding of my 2nd cousin 4 times removed to Jesse Vintner in 1866. Ann Street, for t'was she, was the daughter of Thomas & Rebecca (nee Pates) and she and Jesse (whose surname also appeared as Vintiner in later records) went on to have four children.

Ann & Jesse remained in Old Warden and so far I have tracked their children only as far as the nearby village of Northill. Mind you, having said that, I did find their oldest daughter Flora in the infirmary in Bedford in the 1891 census but I'd guess that wasn't her choice!

More soon.

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