11 November 2009

Two places at one time

Today is a special today, as we all know. The 91st anniversary of the Armistice which finally brought the Great War to a close. I paid my respects at the War Memorial.

But I should have been at a funeral. And I feel bad about missing it, but public transport conspired against me. So let me briefly tell you about my Auntie Betty, who passed away at the end of October. She was a dynamo - always seeming to be on the move. Wicked sense of humour. Always remembered my birthday (and how many candles I was due to blow out). She didn't stop when she retired, just went to classes - including computer classes. A classic silver surfer, my auntie Betty, and we will miss her.

Sooooo, that was the most important thing to me today but I will also delve into my database for someone from the past. This one, from the "spares" pile, is the marriage of John Everett and Ruth Constable. They tied the knot at St James's Church, Stretham, in 1851. No relation to me, but the great-great-great-grandparents of my 2nd cousin Bob, they had one son and one daughter and lived in the village for the rest of their lives.

Their daughter Rebecca went on to marry Thompson Sindall; six children here, one of whom married my great-uncle John Langford. See, there was a link but as you can tell it's very indirect.

I have a whole file, about 700 people, devoted to the village of Stretham. This is not because I'm some sort of genealogical kleptomaniac but because my Langfords come from there and, my word, there's been some inter-marrying between families. The Langfords marry the Murfitts, Constables, Gotobeds (lovely fen surname), Sindalls and Dimocks. And then they all marry back again! Confusing just doesn't cover it.

More soon.

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