20 February 2010

Cecilia & Phoebe get married

Another "mind the gap" . . . . . so let's get straight back into things with the marriage of Cecilia Annie Staden & Alfred William White Mackie. Outside my usual time frame, I'll admit, but I really just want to boast that at least one person from my database has made it into Who was Who!

Cecilia was my second cousin twice removed, the daughter of John Thomas & Annie Marie (nee Erswell) and was born in Bury St Edmunds in 1892. By 1911 she was in Henley on Thames as a nursemaid and then I lose her until 1941. I happened upon this marriage in The Times online (via the local library) - it took place today at St John's Cross, Dundee - and, barring information to the contrary I assume that the couple lived together happily until Alfred's death in Marylebone in 1951. The Times, again, provides us with the information: "Mr Alfred William White Mackie, CIE, formerly Divisional Revenue Commissioner, Bombay, died in London on Wednesday, a few days before his seventy-fourth birthday. The son of Alexander Mackie, he was born on October 20 1877 and was educated at Harris Academy Dundee, Dundee High School, St Andrews University and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He entered the Indian Civil Service in 1900 and after much district service, was appointed Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records, Bombay, in 1924. He retired in 1936, having been a revenue commissioner for the previous five years. He married in 1941 Cecilia Annie, daughter of Mr J T Staden."

Cecilia lived to the grand age of 92, and died in deepest Berkshire (well, the Windsor & Maidenhead district) in 1984.

The second anniversary for today is the christening, in 1803, of my great-great-great-great-aunt Phoebe Freeman. The daughter of Edward & Sarah (nee Church), she was born in Tuddenham St Mary in Suffolk and went on to marry Thomas Stanton in Barton Mills in 1824. And, until a short while ago, that was where the story ended.

Now, I can add a few more facts; Phoebe & Thomas lived in his home village of Isleham (Cambs) and had four children, most notably Frances Freeman Stanton (in 1830) and Francis Freeman Stanton (in 1831). Phoebe died in 1838 and Thomas married again, having three more children with his second wife.

So far, I can find only Francis (that's "i for 'im" not "e for 'er) who married Sarah Keats in Waterbeach in 1855 and, by 1861, had three children, along with Sarah's son James. I haven't taken the family any further (I only discovered the above this evening) but I do know that Francis died in 1890.

More soon.

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