10 May 2010

Buy one, Get one free?

Yippeee - it's finally happened. For years I've joked about my ancestors getting married with a whiff of cordite in the air and maybe the minister making the booking for the christening. And now, I've found one . . . . .

Today we celebrate the christening of Levi Langford, my first cousin six times removed, in 1815 in Stretham. So far, so very ordinary. And then it happens:

14 August 1815 is definitely a date for the diary; it's the day that Levi married Sarah Wheeler AND, oh joy, the same day their oldest son William was christened!! I assume, from the way both register entries are written, that the marriage took place first and then the wedding party adjourned to the other end of the church for the second ceremony.

Levi and Sarah went on to have a further nine children before Sarah's death in 1848; Levi married again, to Jane Clarke, and he died in 1879 - presumably in Stretham, but there's no evidence of his burial there, unless he'd turned Noncom by then.

I then decided to do a bit of a count from the birth of William to the youngest great-great-grandchild (Tom Money, born in 1926), Levi & Sarah's dynasty contained:

Ten children
Thirty six grandchildren
Thirty two great-grandchildren
Thirty one great-great-grandchildren

I make that 109 people - phew! They scattered to Soham, Haddenham & Cambridge and further afield to Yorkshire, London, Lancashire and Suffolk.

And that's the end of the stats, I need to find out where "Wincobank" is.

More soon.

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