29 May 2010

More coincidences

Today's offering introduces two ladies, christened on the same day in adjoining counties, each of them my 1st cousin 4 times removed. How spooky is that?

So, meet Sarah Pates, oldest of the eight children of Henry & Elizabeth, christened on 30 May 1819 at St Andrew's, Biggleswade. Sadly she had only a very short life and was buried in the same church almost a year later.

Let's move now to Landbeach for the christening, on the same day remember, of Hannah Lowton; not only my 1st cousin however many times removed but also my great great grandmother - I'm not entirely sure how this can happen but, hey, when has technology ever been wrong?

Hannah was the second of the five children of William & Mary (née Norris) and spent her whole life in Landbeach, marrying James Webb on 7 December 1841. Ten children later and I can contradict part of my last sentence! The 1881 census shows the family at Poor Fen Farm in Burwell but after a few years James took his clan back to their more natural hunting grounds in Landbeach and Hannah died there in 1886 at the age of 67.

I wonder what some of our ancestors would have made of that which is in front of me on the tv at the moment? That's the Eurovision Song Contest . . . . I'm not sure I have the will to watch all of it but I'll try a couple of songs.

More soon.

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