24 July 2010

Confusion in Stretham

Yesterday's blog entry looked, at first sight, as though it was going to "write itself" (as the saying goes).  But then I realised it was a bit more complicated than that.  Feel free to offer suggestions to help me sort this lot out . . . . .

Dramatis Personae:

Thomas Langford x 3
Jane, Richard, Robert, Elizabeth & one unbaptised child - all Langfords
Elizabeth Bent
Jane Sunman
Ellen Densone

Setting the scene: it's Stretham in the years between 1645 and 1679.  All my information comes from the registers of the parish of St James in the aforementioned village.

Thomas Langford #1 (b. 1622) married Elizabeth Bent on 10 January 1645.  So far, so good.  He seems to be about 23, reasonable age.  One child, Thomas #2, was born in 1646.  Although I can't prove it, Elizabeth must have died because there's a marriage between Thomas and Jane Sunman on 23 July 1659.  Thomas #1, methinks.

Thomas & Jane, according to the register, go on to have Jane (1669-1669), Richard (1671-1671), Robert (1672-) and Elizabeth (1674-1674) prior to Jane's death in 1675.  Incidentally, she was buried a day after her unbaptised child.

And then there is the marriage of Thomas and Ellen Densone on 6 March 1679 and the subsequent birth of the third Thomas; with history repeating itself, only this time, Thomas's wife was buried the day before her child.

Problem is, who's the daddy?  I think Thomas #1 was too old really; this is the 17th century and I have no reason to suppose that he was anything other than an ag lab so he'd be unlikely to live to a grand age.  So, I think it was Thomas #2 at the altar this time.

One of those times when I'd like to borrow the Tardis!  Now all I have to do is sort it out on the database . . . . may take a couple of minutes.

More soon.

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Bob Hutchins Rants said...

Ahh interpretation of parish records before census. Just found your blog so had a look at my stretham database to see what I had and I have Thomas c 1635 as the husband of Jane with possible re-marriages to Ellen Densome and Mary Frummant (based on marriages happening soon after death of wives) :-. What makes it harder is the lack of wife's name on the register, but I think jane 1660-1660 and Thomas 1661 - 1664 belong to that marriage to Jane and no obvious burial for a Thomas to Thomas & Elizabeth made me go for the 1635 Thomas for that 1659 marriage.