16 July 2010

An unfortunate coincidence

Back again; I've put aside the Sadlers and their various travels in Canada and the US and I've come back to "anniversary" mode.

Today's first mention goes to a pair of sisters who share a name (no, not just the surname) and a birthday.  Meet the Misses Frances Sutton, both of them.  Second and third of the five children of Joseph and Catherine (nee Watts) they were born today in 1803 and 1805 respectively.  Thinking about it now I see that, although these days were taken from the Parish Registers of All Saints, St Ives, there is no mention of a christening date.  The only dates were birth, death and burial and it is unusual, in my limited experience, for the minister to put the date of birth in a burial entry but . . . . maybe he was unusual!  As you will have worked out, both girls only lived a short while; the elder Frances lived from July 1803 to October 1804 and the younger from July 1805 to June 1806.

They each rate as my great-great-great-aunt and their mother Catherine went on to marry into the Culpin family, achieving the elevated position of my great-great-great-great-grandmother.

Moving on to a slightly more distant relationship, meet my eighth cousin three times removed Betsy Langford, who was christened today at St James, Stretham, in 1843.  In common with so many of that side of the family, she is related to me twice so she is also my third cousin twice removed - there, now, that's a bit closer!  The daughter of William and Rachel (nee Murfitt) she went into domestic service and moved to London (not sure of the order, there) and in 1874 she married John Reed, a railway engine driver from Durham, in Islington.  They went on to have one daughter, Maud, and I last found B&J in Pembroke Street, Islington, in 1901.  I really must look to see what happened to them.

*STOP PRESS*  Frances Sutton(s) were christened, on 5 May 1804 and 7 August 1805 respectively, which would explain how I know their birthdays.

More soon.

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