28 November 2012

Quite odd, but not contrary.......

So there I was, waiting for the website to load up and passing the time by staring at the family tree chart on the wall......and I noticed something.

The name Mary.  On my tree.  Frequently.  To be precise it appeared twelve times out of the twenty-two great-great-great-great-grandmothers.  The others, to complete the count, were Elizabeth (five) and one each of the others.  Their husbands had a more diverse range of names, but even so there were six named Thomas and five called John.

By now, the website had loaded but I was intrigued.  First possibility - Royalty?  Unlikely, as the period in question (between 1730 and 1780) was completely George (I, II and III) and none of their wives was called Mary, or Elizabeth come to that.

So really, I'm left with what one might term the "minister's influence" for the Marys but........ doubting Thomas?

More soon.

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