5 July 2014

Back to anniversaries......

When I first started this blog I used anniversaries to introduce my rellies; today shall be no different....

Mindful of a family barbecue coming up, I thought I'd better brush up my Freemans - make sure all the references are there and generally update where possible; there is so much more information available online now, compared to when I started, that it's not difficult to add to the "older" old data!

So, combining the two tasks above, let me introduce you to my first cousin 5 times removed Edward Freeman.  Born in Camberwell in 1820, youngest of the five children of  Charles and Martha (nee Cross), he grew up to become a shopman in the metropolis and married Mary Ann Faulkner on 5 July 1846 (there's the anniversary) at St George's Church Camberwell.  

They stayed in the Camberwell/Bermondsey area and produced six children (Edward (1847), Mary (1849), George (1858), Alfred (1861), Emily (1861) and Amelia (1871)) prior to Edward's death in 1888.

To be honest, this is the kind of family which would not get me onto WDYTYA because they're, well, ordinary.  Warehousemen and domestic servants, you know the type - just like 99% of all our rellies!  The only thing I can find of any significance is that Amelia, the youngest, married James Blatchford and....,shock horror..... moved out of London to Worthing!  

I didn't want to be on TV anyway.....

More soon.

PS.  Looking at a chum's family the other day, not only did I find the name "Wulfhilda", I also found the occupation "Finisher, Jam".  Both made me smile!

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