27 July 2014

Good Advertising......

Found in the North Devon Journal, 18 May 1922

"Continued Success: Mr Culpin’s Marvellous scientific cure for deafness, all catarrhal troubles, Nerve wracking head and buzzing ear, Noses, Rheumatism and nervous troubles cured.

No operations under any circumstances are necessary.  No appliances of any kind need be worn.

Owing to numerous applications for appointments, Mr Culpin decides to remain at The Forresters’ Hall, High Street, Barnstaple, the whole of next week."

I have no idea whether he's related to "my" Culpins but......

I also have no idea what Blogger are doing - it has taken me a while to find my way back in on the laptop.  No longer can I just log in from the usual page.  This is probably "progress".......

More soon.

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