5 August 2014

A felon in the family.....?

Ah, those newspapers...... the Stamford Mercury from 30th November 1835 suggests a rather unpleasant character on the outskirts of the Culpin family.  I haven't yet discovered if he was caught!


WILLIAM CULPIN, labourer, is charged upon oath with ROBBERY and brutal ATTEMPT to MURDER.  He was born at Warmington, near Oundle, is about 5 feet 4 inches high, 22 years of age, rather stout and robust, a bad walker, knees rather bent, toes turned out, keen eye, prominent cheek-bones, flat nose with expanded nostrils, wide mouth, upper lip rather turned up, hair with a curl of two at the temples, hoarse voice, and a peculiar twirling of certain muscles of the face when eating or talking.  Had on light cotton cord smallclothes, drab gaiters (the bottom button mostly undone), blue and white shirt.

Any person apprehending the said William Culpin, lodging him in any of his Majesty's gaols, and giving notice thereof to Mr Bristow, constable, Peterborough, shall receive the above reward.

More soon.

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