4 March 2009

Brief ramblings . .

So, last time I was here I was boasting of my leap-year ancestor; in the excitement, I didn't have room for three birthdays and I'll just give them a quick mention now . . . .

Ida Florence Maud Culpin, born in St Ives in 1903, daughter of Albert & Florence; Rebecca Pates, born in Biggleswade in 1811, daughter of James & Elizabeth, went on to marry Thomas Street in 1832 and then moved, with Thomas, to the village of Old Warden, which has already had a mention in this blog. I recommend the Flying Displays at the airfield. Finally, Ann Smith, also born in 1811, to Joseph & Elizabeth, in Chatteris.

Well, I said I'd be brief!

Let's move on to a new month and start at the beginning (numerically and alphabetically). Mary Barker was born on 1st March 1806 in Blunham, Bedfordshire, daughter of William and Ann; Ann Bullard, born on 2nd March 1819 in Somersham, Cambs (altho' possibly Hunts then) to James and Sarah, married Charles Bullard in Bluntisham in 1841, and turned up in Royston in the 1851 census.

Staying in Hertfordshire (ace link, eh?), for the birthday of William Milton, son of Robert and Mary. His father has already had a good mention - the policeman and candidate for "Uncle Bob from Hitchin" - so we know that the family moved to King's Langley and then Much Hadham, both in the same county. In the 1911 census William is listed as a grocer's assistant but I can't follow that any further at present.

And then there was yesterday . . the marriage of William Fordham & Susannah Gostelow at St James, Hemingford Grey in 1774. All I know of them is that they produced ten children - I really need to get to the parish registers for the village!

And, finally . . . . happy birthday, Diana, for yesterday!

More soon.

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