10 March 2009

Family History Day

So, what a fascinating day yesterday turned out to be.

Firstly I had lunch with my uncle in a pub a few miles out of town. We chose to sit next to the big old fireplace - because there was a fire and I was cold. And there it was . . . . an old earthenware jar marked:-

Home Brewed Ales

This can only have come from the ancestors in the village who were, at various times, innkeepers and beer retailers. What else could I do but make the pub an offer for it? And they, very kindly, sold it to us for a very reasonable exchange of coin of the realm! How fantastic is that!!

And here's a photograph I took at the time . . . .

And then, in the evening, I discovered that Charlie Culpin (formally Millice Charles) of Swavesey got a mention in Mike Petty's column in the Cambridge News. Mike is an excellent local historian who really knows his stuff and I look forward to reading what he wrote - my sources are keeping it for me!

Cracking day, hence "Family History Day".

More soon.

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