12 April 2009

Distant relative

Today I have a choice between two: Charles Freeman (2nd cousin 5 times removed) was born today in 1836 in Tuddenham St Mary, the son of George & Martha (nee Hobbs). With all due respect to him, he didn't exactly set the world on fire - he was an ag lab who lived, worked and died in the village of his birth.

The other anniversary today is the one I was going to pass by for lack of information; but then I checked the relationship calculator and changed my mind. How often do you get a 1st cousin 10 times removed? My attention duly attracted, I did a bit of research with my trusty Stretham parish registers cd.

Anne Langford, said 1st cos 10x removed, married Thomas Johnson today in 1640 at St James' church in Stretham and they duly begat a son, Nicholas. Of course, being in the old calendar, not only does it look as though Nicholas appeared before his parents' wedding, it also looks as though he was christened before he was born!

And then it's quite sad - I was looking forward to a few more children of Thomas & Ann but it seems as though one was more than enough as, two days after Nicholas's christening, his mother was buried at the very same church.

More soon.

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