29 April 2009

Chatteris born

So . . two birthday boys today: firstly William Henry Wing, my first cousin twice removed, was born today in 1872 in the small Cambridgeshire town of Chatteris, the son of William & Emma (nee Bigley).  In the 1881 census the family was in the North Witchford Union workhouse in Doddington, all marked "pauper".  Clearly, though, they were able to work their way out because by 1891 they're in Nottingham, albeit without the head of the family - Emma is listed as a widow and is working as a deputy lodging house keeper.  William jnr, the sixth of nine children, is employed in the local trade and gives his occupation as lace worker.  And I know no more about him but will go back to the family as and when I have the opportunity.

And then there's the other birthday boy - John Hatch Bent, also born in Chatteris, this time in 1806.  The son of John & Martha, I know only that he was christened two months later.  

Apart from a general lack of information, the major puzzle here is his mother's maiden name.  She was my great-great-great-grandmother - went on to marry Benjamin Langford and begat the dynasty.

But she remains an obstinate brick wall.  

One day . . . . 

More soon.

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