1 May 2009

May Day!

No, not a cry for help, but an emphatic statement of the day.

Moving on . . . today I'd like to introduce my first cousin five times removed's husband.  Or, to put it another way, my great-great-aunt's husband.  There, that made it clearer, didn't it.  Don't blame me, blame this confusing state of affairs on a bit of cross-breeding in the county.

Henry James Lowton, the birthday boy, was born in Grantchester in 1835, the son of William and Elizabeth (nee Stittle) and all was relatively (no pun intended) simple until he went and married into the family.  To be fair to him, he may not have known that his wife, Elizabeth Layton, had a sister (Ellen) whose second husband (my great-great-grandfather) was also her first cousin once removed.  Also, Ellen's first husband was a Lowton, who probably came from this branch, and their son was also Henry James.

Paying attention?  I'll be asking questions later.

So, back at today's main man - Henry James and Elizabeth, together with their first child, moved down to Greenford in Middlesex before 1861, staying long enough to produce two more children in the borough.  Elizabeth died in 1867, presumably in childbirth and Henry, with three young children to look after, wasted no time . . . he married Sarah Rolph the following year.  The family then moved on the Newington and soon after the 1871 census Henry died in Southwark at the age of 36.

Phew!  That was complicated.

So, a brief mention only of William Wright, born today in 1706 in Stretham, the son of Thomas and Rebecka (nee Langford).  He was my third cousin eight times removed - that's what I call a distant relative!!

More soon.

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Henry James Lowton was one of my wife's 2nd cousins four times removed - should we be sharing information?
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