27 May 2009

Three, two, one . .

I've got four weddings today; three in 1822 and three in Landbeach, two on the same day in the same church and one in Suffolk.

In 1822 today, I have Elizabeth Flavel & Thomas Wolf, Edmund Freeman & Hannah Boggis and Thomas Webb & Sarah Wayman.

In Landbeach, there's Elizabeth & Thomas, Thomas & Sarah and James Webb & Anne Cowling.

And in Suffolk, there's Edmund & Hannah.

So, working backwards, we'll start with Edmund Freeman & Hannah Boggis, my 4xgreat-grandparents who were joined in holy matrimony today in Brandon.  They begat three children (a girl and two boys) and then moved to London, where they produced another daughter.  Last seen, as it were, in Westminster in 1861 at the age of 65, g-g-g-g-grandpa was listed as a corn and coal dealer.

The Landbeach crowd are all from the Webb branch and between them produced seventeen children and, at the last count, there were 31 grandchildren.  However, we're back at "head-count" again since William Webb, son of James & Anne (Cowling) married Mary Webb, daughter of Thomas & Sarah (Wayman) in 1843 and made the tree very complicated!

Hey ho!

More soon.

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