15 July 2009

Forty days of rain . . .

Today is St Swithin's (or Swithun's) Day and, guess what, it rained. Standard British summer really.

So, first birthday boy is Sydney Albert Pates, my 2nd cousin twice removed, who was born in Biggleswade in 1892. The son of John & Emma (nee Huckle), he seems to have had one brother and both appear to have stayed close to their roots. Sydney married Rose Wildman in 1912 and they had one child, who sadly died in infancy. I don't know much more about him but it's probably fair to assume that he fought in the Great War.

There are two other St Swithun's birthday boys but both are just less than one hundred years ago and so I won't mention them.

Quite a slow day for anniversaries but I've kept busy trying to join up my two Culpin files. The main file starts, as it were, in the Huntingdonshire village of Elton and the "strays" file centres more on Ketton, Edith Weston and other small Rutland villages. Problem is that I still haven't been able to join them up - but, deep joy, I was able to transfer one small family (circa 1860s) into the main file! Excellent fun and quite satisfying to identify the similarity!!!

Anyway, I'm making plenty of typing mistooks in this entry so I'll finish now.

More soon.

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Konein said...

Just wondering which stray Culpin families you've got 'lying about' which you can't get connected to the main tree. Maybe I already managed to tie them to a branch somewhere. Let me know and I'll see what I've got.