7 July 2009

Something & Nothing

According to my "rules", I write here about whichever anniversary needs commemorating; so meet Emma Elizabeth Bygrave, my 2nd cousin twice removed, who was born today in Biggleswade (in Bedfordshire) in 1877. She was the middle of five children, with two brothers and two sisters, and was christened in March 1880 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in the small market town. After that, I'm afraid she doesn't appear to have troubled the Official Record Keepers very much - appearing in the census until 1901 and then . . . . nothing. Another one, methinks, for the To Do list!

The other anniversary in the diary today is the marriage of Lydia Johnson and Ephraim Gunn at Histon Parish Church in 1806. I asked the database to give the relationship to me . . . and it said that neither of them are related (to me, that is - plainly they became related to each other!); and then I looked closer and saw that neither was linked into anyone else - no parents, siblings or children. Now normally these type of people (in a genealogical sense, I'm not casting aspersions) are given a different reference - by me, that is, I don't know why I suddenly went into the third person - because they're probably just "parked" until I can link them. I fancy that this pair have been "parked" for so long it's a wonder the wheels haven't been taken off!

Where's that To Do list gone??

More soon.

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