27 March 2010

Archie in the sky

A random entry for today, brought on by research following yesterday's rambling about the Watts family.

I mentioned that Louisa Watts married William Day and they had four children; I followed this family a bit further this afternoon (so to speak, I wasn't out stalking them) and found them in Perowne Street, Cambridge in 1901 and then, in 1911, just up the road in Emery Street. If my memory is correct, this particular street backs on to the Mill Road Cemetery so I guess they probably weren't troubled by noisy neighbours!

Moving on from that old joke . . . . . William Seymour Day, to give him his full name, was a printing machine manager in 1911, working for the Cambridge University Press; Sidney & Leonard, aged 24 & 20 respectively, worked for a Corn Merchant/Miller (of which more later) and third son Archibald (of the title) produced a first for my family file:

He too worked for the University - as an Observatory Assistant. Now this may not catch your eye as much as it did mine but I like the idea of him working in the Observatory. Not sure why, but it just struck me as unusual.

Going back to his older brothers; living off Mill Road as they did, it is entirely possible that they worked at Spiller's Mill near the Cambridge railway station. Particularly relevant today as the now-empty Spiller's buildings went up in flames early this morning. So hot was the blaze that it looks as though at least one of the two buildings will need to be demolished.

Guess that will pave the way for even more house building . . . .

More soon.

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