2 April 2010

Is this a spanner I see before me?

Good morning! Before I launch into Hot Cross Buns and chocolate, I thought I'd share an intriguingly well-placed spanner thrown into the Culpin-works by a new correspondent.

The lady in question discovered the grave of Mary Culpin in West Deeping in South Lincs and rightly questioned the info she found on my website. After a bit of corroboration (long word for this time of the morning), I agreed and will shortly publish the corrected version, with one Mary, now re-allocated to a different set of parents, marrying *Robert* Mears (not Thomas); and, incidentally, this suggested that the Elizabeth who married Mr Mears' witness Robert Webb was probably Mary's sister . . . so I swapped her over too. Hope you're paying attention, I shall be asking questions later.

All this happened in the Huntingdonshire village of Elton (the marriages, I mean, I didn't nip off there to do the changing around) and Maggie (my new correspondent) noticed not only the early death of a Mary who I had getting married, but also the helpful hint that next door (in the graveyard) was someone named Boyall. This pointed to the correct Mary as her both her sister and brother married Boyalls. The clues are all there, if only we link them together!

So, many thanks to Maggie, not only for her clues and info, but also for taking the trouble to find me and pass on the info. It's very exciting that she found my website - a bit of a thrill that I've made it onto Mr Google's radar!!

Guess you know what I shall be looking into this weekend . . . . well, the forecast is for rain!

More soon.

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