14 April 2010

Mended it!

Talking about the Webbs yesterday reminded me that my computer program took against George Webb a few weeks ago; that is, his name and all his details disappeared when his reference number reset itself to 0:0. Bizarrely tho, his info all printed out in the report I used last night!

So, having tried a couple of potential cures, I gave in to the inevitable, created a "new" George Webb and have disconnected his alter ago from the family. Heaven only knows how I delete the shadow copy properly . . !

Rather than let that effort go to waste, let's meet George. I just asked the machine how he's related to me and you won't be surprised that it's "more than once". Pin your ears back for this one . . . . he's: 1) my great-great uncle, 2) the husband of my 2nd cousin twice removed, 3) my 2nd cousin 3 times removed AND 4) the husband of my 4th cousin once removed. Phew!

Interesting bloke, tho, as he was a farmer in Swaffham Prior, then Reach and then Burwell. With his second wife Ivy, he begat seven children, and his death in 1934 merited a front page article in the Cambridge Daily News of 2nd April:

Well-known Farmer & County Councillor.
Many people in town and county will learn with regret of the passing of Councillor George Webb, of Burwell. He had not enjoyed good health for some time, but with constant care and attention he had partially recovered. On Friday he was taken suddenly ill and his condition rapidly became serious, and he passed away at his residence, Berkeley House, Burwell, on Saturday evening. Mr Webb, who was in his 80th year, was a typical British farmer of the bluff old school and one of the oldest members of the Cambs County Council. He was a native of the county, having been born at Landbeach. Of a genial and kindly disposition, he was much liked and respected. As a great supporter of the Congregational Church, he will be greatly missed. On the County Council he was not given to much talking, but on occasion expressed his views vigorously and his shrewd remarks were always listened to with respect. He was never a dull speaker, and generally contrived to put the Council in a good humour by his lively sallies and interjections. He was a strong supporter of the Liberal cause in the days of the late Mr E S Montagu. He leaves a widow, fours sons and two daughters.

The CDN of 6th April gives us even more good stuff:
The funeral of Mr George Webb, of Berkeley House, Burwell, took place at Burwell on Thursday afternoon. Mr Webb was a well-known agriculturist and Cambs. County Councillor. The funeral service was held in the Congregational Chapel, of which Mr Webb was a great friend, and the interment followed in the chapel yard. The Rev R C Jude officiated, and the hymn “Give me the wings of faith to rise” was sung. Mrs Percy Doe was at the organ. In the course of some remarks, the Rev R C Jude said, “We are suffering a great and deep sense of loss today in the departure of our beloved friend. I am sure there is not one here but what has some reason to regret his loss from our midst. We who belong to this Christian fellowship and church in Burwell, and the friends who are associated together at Reach, feel we have lost one who has been a great friend and helper during the greater part of his life. He went in and out among us with his good feelings and sympathies and wise advice, always in his place on the Lord’s Day, constant in attendance and devotion to us in all our efforts and organisations, taking a great interest in us all personally, always meeting us with cheer, always looking on the bridge side of things, and always ready to encourage us on our way. The members of the Church, and the children in the Sunday School looked upon him with very real affection. They had cause to be grateful that God had spared his life so long. He was always ready to help all denominations and to recognise all Christian efforts. They felt his loss would be felt far beyond anything they could measure. Within the sphere of business life they had lost one who had been known for his industry, uprightness and consideration for those dependent on him. He had been taken to God like a shock of corn gathered in due season. They all joined together in the true sympathies to his wife, children and members of his family. The coffin was of polished oak, with oxydised silver fittings, and bore an engraved plate with the inscription: “George Webb, died 31st March 1934, aged 79 years.” The brick grave was lined with evergreens and flowers. The immediate mourners were: Mrs Webb (widow), Mr George Webb (son), Mr Fred Webb (brother), Miss Webb (niece), Mr and Mrs W D Greenall (nephew and niece), Mr and Mrs Herbert Webb (nephew and niece), Mr and Mrs Ernest Webb (nephew and niece), Mr W Greenall (nephew), Mrs Stokes (niece), Mr Albert Orpwood (nephew), Mr F Greenall (nephew), Mr L Greenall (nephew), Mrs Johnson and Mr Driver. Six employees, Messrs S Millard, C Fletcher, G Bowyer, S Sturgeon, T King and C Millard, acted as bearers, and other employees, headed by two foremen, Messrs H Bowyer (Kirtling) and F Bowyer (Reach), followed the cortege to the church. The Burwell branch of the British Legion was represented by Messrs P Grainger, J Clack, B Warren and W Fuller. Among others present at the church were the following: Mrs J Avis, Mrs C Adams, Miss Adams, Mrs Audley, Mr C R Bennett (County Agricultural Officer), Mrs H R Buck, Mr and Mrs W Blackwell, Miss Bourton, Miss Bowyer (Reach), Mrs O Badcock (Reach), Mrs Burrell, Mrs Bonnett, Mr and Mrs G Blackwell, Mr and Mrs E Butler, Mrs Black, Mrs F Blackwell, Mr E Bond, Mr W Clark, Mrs EW Cornwell (Reach), Mr L J Chater (Cambridge), Mrs J Dunn (representing Senior School Managers), Mr W Dunn (superintendent of Swaffham Commissioners), Mr and Mrs A Deny, Mrs Dean, Mr EWH Diver (Isleham), Mr G Edwards, Mr C Edwards (Hauxton), Councillor EO Fordham, Mr J Fuller, Mr and Mrs WP Fuller, Mrs H Fuller, Mr G Fuller, Mr J Friend (Cambridge), Mr and Mrs A Fuller, Mrs Flack, Councillor HW Game, Miss O Game, Mr DB Ginn (Cambridge). Mr and Mrs W Hales and Mr Hales jun (Linton), Mrs J Hatley, Mr H Howard (Newmarket), Mr I Harries, Mr C Hawkes, Mr S Holttum (Linton), Mrs G Heaton. Ald WC Jackson (Chairman, Cambs County Council), Miss Jennings, Mrs A Johnson (Reach), Mrs King, Mr T Lawrence, Mr Lenoir, Mrs Mole, Mr and Mrs G Mansfield, Mrs T Martin, Mr W Mason, Mr B Murfitt (Impington), Mr O Mason, Mr and Mrs BC Mitcham, Mrs Neale, Mrs Nunn, Mrs R Palmer, Mr H Peachey, Mr and Mrs FG Parker (Mildenhall), Mr GE Palmer, Mrs Parr, Mr and Mrs G Parr, Mr R Ready, Mrs Redgell (Reach), Mrs Rose, Mrs H Roe (Reach), Mr F Sayers, Mr JG Sayers (Cambridge), Mrs E Stinton (Reach), Mrs N Saunders, Miss Stevens, Mrs W Stevens, Mr J Turner, Mr Ashley Tabrum (Clerk to Cambs County Council), Mrs Treleven, Mr F Thompson, Mr Vincent, Mr W Varney Webb (Chief Constable), Mr M Warren, Mr Healey Wilson, Mrs Ephraim Warren, Supt. W Winter, Mr J Wilson, Mr and Mrs FG Watson, Mr EP Wedd (Meldreth), Mr and Mrs J Wheeler (Newmarket), Mrs J Watson.

Stunning turn-out, you have to agree.
I'm glad I put him back in properly!

More soon.

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