17 April 2010

Oh heck . . and phew!

This time last week I was happily reporting that I'd found a solution to the conundrum that was Harriet Furniss/Braybrook/Culpin. And I then went on to boast about the information I'd found and finally updated my database with.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really really hate my computer.

Because I was trying to be clever in the way I transfer the information to my website (www.praeteritus.co.uk lest you forget!) I managed to confuse the database so completely that I had a few moments where I thought I'd lost the lot. The few minutes when I couldn't get the backup version to open were particularly scary . . . anyone in the area listening very carefully would have heard some quiet whimpering (well, it's not as though there are any aircraft to drown out the noise . . . !).

However, I'm pleased to report that all is well and I have now managed to get everything working again. But I have lost a few days worth of input.

So, lesson to be learnt: keep more than one backup copy and don't try to be too clever with new gadgetry.

Must go, as I have to re-input all that lovely detail about Harriet and her families.

More soon.

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