4 September 2009

It was 150 years ago today . . .

No birthdays today but a wedding anniversary. I wonder what you get for 150 years?

Seriously, tho, Samuel Cherry married Ann Meeks today in 1859 in Biggleswade, Beds. He was the sixth of the thirteen children of John & Ann (nee Pair) and the union went on to produce at least six children - three girls and three boys - before 1875.

Samuel, my first cousin four times removed on my maternal side, was a labourer, in common with so many in my family and the family appeared to stay in Biggleswade, other than Samuel's appearance in the 1891 census in Ealing. Why? He is listed as the lodger of another Biggleswade family and is down as a general labourer. Given that he is also listed as married, Mrs Cherry is probably still in Biggleswade . . . . but she eludes me at present.

Their two older girls have already achieved "general servant domestic" status by 1881 and oldest son Charles is a market gardener's labourer.

And that's where my research on them ends. Bit sparse, I agree, and I will add to them as soon as I can.

But . . . . I have a very good book on the go at present and may just be distracted for a few days.

Today's title, with apologies to the Fab Four, is a variation on a certain well-known album - I think their version was something to do with teaching the band to play??

More soon.

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