13 September 2009

Two times two squared times seven

So, having un-installed a certain internet security product (no names, no pack drill), my computer is now able to talk to the w.w.world again. No big 'ammer this time, just a sneaking suspicion which solidified into fact and then some swift action - ptcha!!

The title of today's entry? Read on as I introduce you to today's birthday girl . . .

Annie Beasley, the oldest of the seven children of William & Emma (nee Billington) was my second cousin twice removed and was born today in 1871 in Ampthill(Beds). However, within a few years, the growing family had decamped to Staffordshire with their Station Master father.

I don't know much about Annie - she was living with the family in Aldridge, Staffs, at both the 1881 and 1891 cenuses - but, as yet, any further info on her eludes me.

Ernest Albert Pates was also born today, also in Bedfordshire and was also my second cousin twice removed. The second of the seven children of Samuel & Mary (nee Thompson) he came into the world in Biggleswade in 1883 and lived in the small market town until at least 1911. One of a long line of ag labs, he married Fanny Wright in 1911 and they begat two sons. Their younger son Cyril lost his life in Burma in the Second World War.

So, two similar sets of statistics but Annie stands out because she's related to me twice; so she's also my third cousin three times removed - meaning she's related through her parents and through her maternal grandparents. I think she's on my website so you could look there to see what I mean.

More soon.

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