23 September 2009

North of the Border

Yet again, I need to put my head above the parapet and announce that "I'm still here" . . . . .

I've been in Scotland, you see, enjoying myself and quite unable to write anything genealogy-related during the last few days.

However, I did take the time to nip in to the Scotland's People place in Edinburgh for one of their "taster" sessions. Beautiful building, just opposite North Bridge and out the front is a massive statue of the Duke of Wellington on his 'orse. Worth a trip again, when I'm next up there, to search out my Scots ancestors - go back to about the beginning of the 19th century first and, oh look, there's a grandmother (with lots of greats) from Leith!

So, I'll be back with more soon, after I've finished the proof-reading, the music syllabus and other assorted things awaiting my attention . . . . oh, and I've got to put a website together too. Give me until the weekend and I should be fine!!

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